Passkey Login with CMS

Hi all,

Is anyone able to implement Passage by 1Password with the built-in user CMS?


That looks tantalizing :smile:

I have not personally tried integrating this with Webflow but it was interesting to me so I took a peek.

Here are the docs: Quickstart: Embedded Login - Passage Docs

It looks like the answer is “no” you cannot integration this with Webflow due to #3 “Implement authorization middleware using backend SDK”.

Webflow doesn’t give you access to any of their User Memberships backend.

That said, it may be possible if you use other user membership solutions with Webflow.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for replying, I have managed to do a login with redirect and display user info.

I see it will not work with the eCommerce if I can’t link it to the users.

Do you have any suggestions as memberstack looks similar.


My thinking is you would have to ditch using ecommerce. Memberstack has some very robust SSO and JWT verification stuff. I would dig through their docs using their Admin API and the DOM API. That has a good chance of giving you what you need.

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Hey Seth,
I did this for one site a few months back. If I recall correctly there was some custom code I got from a guy. Afterwards my Webflow users were able to login using 1Passowrd :muscle:
So it is definitely possible :smiley: and I can dig up the contact somewhere if you want…

Yes please! I’d be super interested in that :grinning: thanks

I sent you DM with the contact :wink: