Passing user variable to form submission

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Hi Everyone,

I am creating a dog training website. The trainer logs in using memberstack’s login portal which takes them to the trainer CMS page. On the trainer CMS page, there is a CMS collection of dogs. They click the link to the dog’s profile, which takes them to the dog’s CMS page. The issue is, once on the dog’s CMS page, there is know way for me to pass on the trainer variable with the dog’s form submission.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Hi @ozone31912 :wave:

Yes! There is absolutely a way to do this with a tiny bit of custom code.

You will need to add an HTML embed to your form and then make it display: none

<input  type="text" name="Trainer details" value="add-dynamic-value-here">
// You can use the "Add Field" dropdown to select a dynamic value

Although I can see on your Preview link you have an Embed with some values in, so I’m guessing you found the solution? :slight_smile:

Hi @magicmark

The problem is the dynamic value for the logged in trainer doesn’t appear in the “dogs” CMS page.

So when Dave our trainer, logs in he is redirected to his trainer CMS page (trainer-area/dave) where there is a dog collection list. When the trainer clicks the profile of the dog he would like to train, he is taken to the dogs CMS collection where he can schedule an appointment.

I just don’t know how to pass the value of which trainer is booking the dog.