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Passing email from newsletter form input to a pop-up Pardot form (where the email is pre-populated based on the Webflow newsletter input)


I’m a developer adding hardcode for a client site. I’m looking to have a simple newsletter popup form that first asks for the user’s email, and then the user selects “Subscribe”, and then a modal pops up with another form (a Pardot form) asking some more questions, where the email is pre-populated.

For example here’s the email input form:

And then what will happen is the user will click “Subscribe” and a Pardot form will pop up with the email they entered already populated. I’m a little confused because I’m not quite sure how to integrate both so that the email will pre-populate on the Pardot form.

Thanks so much!

Here is my site Read-Only:

You can use JavaScript code for it. In the below code, replace <pardot-form-id> with the ID of Pardot form HTML element where you want to copy the email. This code should be copied to the “custom code” section of the Webflow page settings.

    var email = $("#Email-Footer-2").val();

I keep getting ‘undefined’ for some reason

Can you post link of your published site? The read-only site link does not run JavaScript.

Sure, there it is!

As of right now, the email input value just keeps coming up as undefined and I can’t figure out why