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Passing additional data from product page through to order

Hi, wondering if anyone can help. I’m trying to create an e-commerce flow whereby a user selects a “made to measure” option under a size variant select field on a product page, and is presented with an extra form to capture some specific sizes. When a user completes this extra form data it is passed to the checkout page and ultimately appended to the order.

I think this is potentially possible by using a combination of localStorage to store the extra data with some jquery targeting the add to basket button and pass this data to the additional info input field on the checkout page and then onto the order when it is processed. However i’m struggling to understand how to target the add to basket button via jquery in order to set the local storage, and also if or how I need to pass this to the additional info wf data object.

Appreciate that e-commerce is in its early stages but any advise, gratefully received.

Here is a link to the wireframe

Here is the custom code I have added before body