Pass parameter to component to filter CMS

Is it possible to pass a parameter to a component to filter CMS data? I can see where I can change text or visibility but not how to specify a filter?

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What parameter are you trying to pass to the component?

I am reusing a component in three instances. There is a grid displaying cards from CMS that has a multi-reference field that has Environmental, Social, Governance either individually or combined. So in this instance I would like to simply pass one of the three to the component, so that the cards only display Environmental, Social, or Governance. Does that make sense?
Thank you.

You could set conditional visibility on the cards to only display if "Multi-Ref = “Social”
However, you may have to unlink instances of that component, but maybe not.

Thank you! How would I pass the “Social” etc. to the component?

You would need to add a collection that is linked to the multi-reference field inside of that component’s collection.

> -Collection-Wrapper
>   Collection-List
>    Collection-Item
>      Item-Wrap
>        -MultiRef-Collection-Wrapper
>          MultiRef-Collection-List
>           MultiRef-Collection-Item
>              MultiRef-Item-Title

Thank you for your help. I think the issue I have is that it is a multi-reference field, and adding it does not filter it.