Pass CMS info to Google Tag Manager

I’ve got a CMS library set up with some downloadable templates.
Here is an example of a page.

I want to set up something in Google Tag Manager so that when the ‘download’ button is clicked, I can track the event in Google Analytics and track different attributes e.g. name of template, template author, template category etc.

So far I’ve got the trigger set up in GTM - and I’m able to pass across the page URL into Google Analytics, but none of the other attributes are available. I had a look at adding some custom attributes to the button click in Webflow but not sure how to include CMS fields in this?

Does anybody know how I can do this, please?


Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hi, you can use an embed of


Where event is whatever field name you have chosen and then “generic_event” is taken from your cms

Hi @brndn

Do you have an idiots guide to this? :wink: Where/how would you do this? Just trying generally trying to figure out how to open up the DataLayer for tracking conversions from Google Ads etc?