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Parrallax interaction on overflow scroll

Hey guys!

If you try to add a “While scrolling page” interaction on an overflow scroll:


You can see that the scrolling animation is not detected by Webflow (cf. the green arrow that shows the % of the scroll)


Does it make sense? Any idea how I could make the scroll “detectable” to create this interaction (from Webflow University)?


Yes, the “While page is scrolling” interaction in WF is triggered by the scroll on the body. Values of the interactions are %age of height of the body. When you scroll inside of another element, you’re not scrolling inside of the body, so the interaction registers no change/new value.

Very clear! Thanks man :handshake:

So I’ve been jamming with this, @vincent! I can now trigger the “While page is scroling” interaction (<3) but once I scrolled, I can’t scroll back to the 0% state.


I played with the “Overflow” and the “Animation boundaries”, in vain. Any idea where I could look or do to make this work? Any help is more than welcome!