Parralax image glitch

So i created a couple of parralax scrolling sections. The problem I’m having is the second section, which contains a photo background, keeps pixelating at the edges. Tried adjusting div sizes and image positioning, same result. Is it just the image that’s the problem? Is the file too large? Help pls :slight_smile:


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Hey @zellet

Can’t see your read-only. Can you share again? :webflow_heart:

There we go :slight_smile: didnt remove the brackets.

Still an issue, anyone???

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The file is deff huge. 3mb is very very large file. Try making the img 500kb max and try again.

Weird thing is, even on on the other parralax images (which just has a small 6.2k icon as the background), it does it as well?

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The black bg with the pepper icon (if it’s pepper :smile:)

haha yes, why would that also be glitching? Is it because the pattern is repeating?

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Actually there’s not glitch for me

The bg with the peppers is around 1mb and the other is 3mb. Try optimizing them to get the file size around 200-500kb