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Parent column ignore minimum height value

Am I able to set 1 out of 2 columns to ignore the minimum height value set by the parent?

Simply, what I want to achieve is the left column needs to have an image overflow at the bottom of the column, that’s by design. Following that I have text on the right column which I have margin applied and when the text flows down to the next line I would like that column to push the heigh of the overall column wrapper down i.e make it’s height increase.

Is this possible?

The page/s in question is .com/books/live-more-happy (CMS book template page)


Here is my site Read-Only:

Sounds like what you want to use is flex box instead of columns.

How so?

This is what happens when I set the value to 550px (ideally it will be a smaller height by a little bit). When I resize the window the two links (website and facebook) DO NOT push the height down (obviously because it’s a static size).


So originally when I set the minimum height to ~550px the height automatically goes down to the bottom of the book and is no longer offset over the bottom of the header (white heading wrapper).

I think that makes sense, I’ve used flex box plenty of times but I am unsure how setting a minimum height will have a different cause of action. I am willing to say that I’m far off knowing every capability, just enough to most of the time know how to achieve something.


Flexbox can make it so that your 2 columns control the height of each other. So when one is longer, the other becomes longer too. you’d ditch columns in exchange for divs with a parent wrapper with flex.

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Hmm, ok.

Since my reply I have ended up figured it out using columns… haha :blush:

I set the first column height to 50px (something small). Coincidently I had the height of the book and the first column to 550px. Following that… when I set the parent wrapper to a minimum height value it would expand to the bottom of the first column (not because the book was that high).

Now with those styles the parent wrapper adapts to the height of the second column. I intended to have it fluid because some books have links below the description paragraphs and some don’t. This way it will look uniform no matter what.

Thanks for your help!!