Parameters ignored for YouTube video

I’m adding a youtube video to a site using Add > Media > Video and supplying a youtube link. I prefer this method because the video is embedded responsively rather than a fixed size when using Webflow’s Embed feature along with the youtube iframe code.

The problem is that the “Add Video” embed option ignores some of the youtube URL parameters like showinfo=0 which disables the display of the black header at the top of the embedded movie.

Can this be fixed? Or is it a youtube limitation? Thanks!

I verified the problem… It could be an embedly related issue as it looks like that is what the webflow embed is using.

I’ve got the same issue, where I’m trying to pass on the auto play to start the video once the user has clicked the thumbnail, so they don’t have to click twice to get the video play.

From what I can tell, I think JimW is correct, Embedly seems to be stripping it out. Or the info isn’t getting correctly passed from Webflow to Embedly.

According to Embedly’s docs, I tried to somehow inject autoplay=true to the URL, or autoplay: true into the JSON, but no luck, as any DOM manipulation I do happens after Webflow’s lightbox module has initialized.

Any ideas?