Parallax working on my computer, however my client's computer won't show all the sudden

Hey guys!

I’m currently finishing up a website for a client, and while I’ve been building the website, the parallax that I’ve set up was working for my client, however all the sudden his computer stopped the parallax from working - is there any reason this might happen? Is parallax affected by cookies/cache by any chance?

He’s rebooted his computer, restarted the browser, and has tried it on several macs (he claims the only computer its working on is on a PC). However I’ve been building this all on an MBP 13", and it works flawlessly on mine, as well as my roomates’ MBP 15".

Could you share a read-only link as well as the published link? That way we can take a look

Yep yep!

Heres the read only:

And here’s the published link:

Thanks for your reply!!

It’s probably going to be easier to switch from the interaction you had for the parallax effect to the built-in option @Thomas_Kim. Select ‘fixed’ in the background image menu (double click on the image in the style panel to reveal) and you’ve got parallax enabled. I’m not sure what happened with the interaction you built and why it doesn’t work. I had a look at your published site and it didn’t work for me either.