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Parallax section cuts off content

So I’m working on a landing page that has a couple of parallax sections. I’ve managed to get the hero section working like a charm but the ‘What We Do’ parallax section has more content that’s been harder to work with. Sometimes I can see all of the content (if the viewport height is on the larger side) and other times the bottom portion gets cut off. How can I control this section more so that it’s more flexible and the content shows no matter the viewport height?

Here’s a screenshot for how this section is supposed to look… with the background having a parallax effect thats the same as the hero section.

Here is my public share link: LINK

A good way to have responsive websites is to not include fixed heights, this is what I think is causing your problem, try rather selecting auto.

If this ruins the effect of the website, I would look at making your whole website consist of VH, VW measurements in order for it all to be responsive.

Hope this helps! :sunglasses:

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