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Parallax Scrolling. Need Help!

Hi! :blush:
I am from Ukraine. Do not speak English. I use Google Translate. In my project does not work parallax scrolling:
How Come?
I export the code and scripts to your local computer. Moved scripts in the Head:
Everything works! Why can not I do to work in Webflow?

Hi @Sergey, thanks for your post. If I understand the question you are asking, the answer is that custom scripts put in the head do not get shown until after the site is published. An exported site is considered published, so it works locally. Did I get the question correct? Or is there a problem that the Parallax is not working locally?

Cheers, Dave

Parallax does not work in WebFlow. How to make it to work in WebFlow?

Hi @Sergey, see this post:

If you are wanting to achieve a parallax scrolling that goes beyond using fixed background images alone, you can look at some jquery plugins:

Webflow allows you to set a fixed background image on a section (like you have in your design). To get a real parallax scrolling effect to work, you need some script for that. You can put your custom script in the Footer section of your Custom Code tab in Site Settings.

I hope that helps. If you have exported your site, and plan to put it on your own server, then I would recommend uploading that, then sharing the link, so we can see what your site looks like when published, and what errors there are, if any. Cheers, Dave

Can show me an example of work parallax WebFlow?

I figured out! Thank you all for your help! WebFlow - it’s cool!

That’s awesome @Sergey, thanks for sharing :slight_smile: Cheerios, Dave

Hi Dave! Can u explain how reacreate such effect with stellar.js?

what i’m doing worng? i need to asign parallax effect to main background at homepage