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Parallax Scroll Advice!


I’m working on a parallax scroll for one of my pages. I have the concept and a grasp on the overall how to create a parallax scroll effect, however I would love some advice or tips on how it could be better!

Side note: This is for my journal page (Blog)- the idea behind the design of this page is to have a floating/parallax effect on the different blog posts as the viewer scrolls. Each post will be clickable and will open up full screen to be readable, and then when exiting the page it will shrink to its initial size as a “floating” blog post. I apologize if that was confusing, just figured I would tell a little back story on what I’m working to achieve. Links below!



Here is my public share link:

your share link isn’t working. It’s returning a forbidden error.

Thanks for the heads up! I went ahead and updated it, should be working now!

That is a cool idea. I’d space the images more so that they are not bunched up on the scroll. Are you going to link them to your collection pages then? for ex. you click on the image and it takes you to the collection blog page?

Thank you for the tip! I definitely intend to link them to a collection page, although I understand the benefits of it - I’m a tad confused on how to create and utilize the CMS. I’d appreciate any pointers on that as well if you wouldn’t mind!

The best pointers and guides we have are really in the University. Here is a course that you may find helpful.

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