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Parallax effect not working on all images in slider (Orchi template)

We’re using the Orchi template and having trouble on the Home Page with the parallax effect not working on all images in slider. Any ideas on how to fix this?


Hi @SMASITES, at the moment using fixed images in sliders is yet supported in the widget. The fixed positioning breaks the way the slider normally renders.

The first slide shows as fixed because you have that set to fixed in the background image styling. The next slide has a background image that is not fixed and that is why it scrolls with the page. Set that bg image on the second slide to fixed though, and you will see that the image will not show.

You can set the parent slider elmenet to fixed, or you can nest the slider into a section and set a fixed background image on the section instead, but not individual slides background images.

I hope this helps.

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