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Parallax Effect (Mobirise)

I made this DRAFT using a bootstrap-based desktop app known as Mobirise. Client loved and approved it.

We are now ready to go live but there is a parallax effect that was done in the presentation that I would like to recreate in my Webflow redesign.

What Effect?
When you scroll up/down the BG image moves up/down along with the scroll.

I’ve tried using the transform offset but that only limits the scroll to one direction.

I would love to hear from you guys if there is a way to achieve this within webflow?


It’s possible, using parallax with IX2

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Thanks Vincent,
I’ll definitely give this a shot.

Hey Vincent, @samliew,
Gave Parallax a shot…
Project Link

Seems to be working well (for a minute). However, when I scroll past 100% the image snaps back to the 0% position, and i’m still messing around but maybe you (guys) can spot what I’m not seeing. :thinking:

P.S overall, its not smooth

I see parallax only on the hero section but I don"t see interaction on it…

The best solution for BG images is applying the LEGACY PARALLAX effect.