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Paragraph Text nor Objects Displaying on Site?

Hey guys,

While working on my site tonight I made some minor changes, but when I went in to add a paragraph it will not let me set the color to white for the text? It was working earlier.

Also, cobjects will not show up either once dragged to the page. They also use to work? I need help as I promised the client the launch would happen this weekend. Please guys help.

Link to Webflow Site: Click Here



Sean, I opened the project and didn’t have any trouble dragging objects to the page. Setting the text color to white also worked fine. Using your paragraph white text class I did have to change the display setting to block from hidden.


Hmm I didn’t see the hidden in the paragraph I will take another look. However when I drag my saved components/objects and tried to take them to other pages it wouldn’t show up like a green box letting me know it is an object/component. Are you seeing that?


I dropped objects like footer and such you created to a number of pages and it all worked fine. I dragged it, the object appeared in it’s green box and then stayed put.

Can you record a quick video to demo the problem you are having?

Hi @seank, I have not been able to reproduce the issue you were talking about with the symbol, but when I looked at the symbol contents for example your navbar symbol, the only content in the symbol is the mobile hamburger icon, but the rest of the navbar components are missing.

I would check your symbols again, and make sure all elements that should be in the symbol, are in the symbol. You may have to recreate your symbols that you are having an issue with.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


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