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Paragraph text is wrapping in Designer but not on live site?


I have noticed a bug on my site that has gone live.

The paragraph text in the Frequently Asked sections across the whole site is not responsive on the Live site but displays as intended in the Designer?

Project Preview:

Live Site:

The best way to see this is to drag the browser smaller on the live site. You will see the paragraph text does not respond and overflows.

When you are in the Designer, it responds perfectly.

This is especially weird as paragraph text in other places works fine on the live site making me think it is something to do with the accordion of the FAQ’s?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


I see that you have fixed it already


Unfortunately no.

I have attached some screenshots of what I am referring to. You can even see this in the designer when you toggle the ‘eye’ preview icon and drag the width of the website.

The text responds perfectly when in Designer mode but then stops responding in Preview mode.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Nigel_Moore are you currently working on project as I’m getting different results after refreshing site? If yes please create copy that will stay untouched to be able to work with.

Hi Stan

Thanks again for the reply.

No we are not working on it. I’m refreshing the live site and Webflow and still getting the same results.

I’ve closed everything now to be extra sure while you have a look.

Hi @Nigel_Moore here is my point of view how it can be solved.

Hi @Stan

Thank you for the video.

This still doesn’t fix how the text responds, unfortunately.

If you look at the Paragraph text when you drag the window on the live site or the width of the website in the Designer, you can see that it responds differently in Designer mode and Preview/Live mode…

what do you use for screen recording? Maybe I need to do that to show you better?

hi @Nigel_Moore I do not experiencing these issues on live page but I can look again.

here is the app I’m using and I can recommend worth of money


Thanks in advance.

hi @Nigel_Moore I see what do you mean but there are a few things you should know.
First thing is that you using Brave browser. Webflow Designer and preview is optimised to work ONLY with Chrome and Safari. So I will recommend to use one of these .

Second thing you should know that WF preview is NOT RELIABLE source to see how design work. It has some long time issues. The best practice is checking functionality and responsiveness on published page mean something like

I noticed a few temporary issues (on published site) that text content get fixed value (problem you are showing) about 540px or so but I wasn’t able to find from where this value is generated.

Anyway, try to fix FAQ element first as I have mentioned in video and use appropriate Browser. :wink:

Hi @Stan

Yes, I get that. I have checked on Safari and it has the same issue.

I trust your insight that the Preview is not reliable but this is the first time I have ever experienced an inconsistency like this.

The weird thing is that other Paragraph elements all work fine, it is only the ones inside the FAQ, drop-down arrows…

This issue only happens if the window is resized while looking at the website but frustrating to not understand why it is happening.

Thanks for your help.

no problem @Nigel_Moore try do it the way I have suggested and if issues persist send me PM. Unfortunately I cant do it on my site as I can’t save changes. :wink:

Video deleted by @Stan

I ended up rebuilding the FAQ accordian element as I had originally gotten it from a clone site. The problem doesn’t happen anymore. Thanks for the help.

Happy to see that you have find your own solution @Nigel_Moore

i was also facing a very similar issue. . .