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Paragraph size is smaller in editor than published site!

Guys, help!

The paragraph size is smaller in the editor than in the published site. What’s up with that? Very confusing!
Also I’m not sure why the new update this week doesn’t recognize a “paragraph” § automatically. Now I have to manually give each paragraph I add the class “paragraph” which I also manually added.

(Same for links and buttons by the way)

Please compare:

This is the editor:

This is the live site:

Sorry the above example is a bit stupid because there’s hardly any paragraphs used there, oops!

Here another:


Live site:

Hey @rowan! The styles are currently inconsistent because of a change we made to top and bottom margins for paragraph and heading tags. Publishing will push the new stylesheet to the web and they will be consistent.

There’s a more thorough explanation here:

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