Pan around content based on cursor position?

I feel like I’ve seen this before but I can find any Webflow examples.

I’m want to have a DIV with content that’s larger than the browser window., say 5000x5000px. Instead of using the scrollbars or the mouse wheel to pan around the content, i’d like it to pan based on cursor position. For example, as I move the cursor left everything pans to the right. As I move the curser up everything pans downward and so on. In other words, I want to move around the content simply by moving the cursor around the screen. I’ve seen this before where everything is moving in real-time based on the cursor position.

Would love it if someone had an example of this working with Webflow or could maybe point me to a similar interactions tutorial.


@bryantay you can use the page interaction trigger that says mouse move on screen or something like that. then you can adjust the element position based on the X Y %