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Pagination Page Count

is it possible to edit the way the pagination page count is displayed? For example, e-commerce categories pagination settings will list page 2 of 3 as “2/3” I would prefer that it displayed as “2 of 3” instead.

How might this change be made. I have been unable to edit the text box.

Please advise.
Thank you,
Sara Morton

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Hi @Sarabeth,

This is where custom JS code comes into play.
I am still learning therefore @webdev can you help?

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Well, I’m sure there are prettier ways to do this, but this should do the trick:

Place the following code before the body closing tag:

  var paginationText = $(".w-page-count").text();
  var replacedText = paginationText.replace("/","of")

Final result:


I hope it helps, feel free to get in touch if in need for help

PS: Your paintings are amazing! WOW


Thank you for this answer . The final result you presented is what I would like to do.
How do I access the “Body Closing Tag” ?

Thank you for viewing the paintings and kind words.

I hope it helps. Let me know if you don’t find it and if it works as you want.

Kind regards,

Hi Jean,
It worked! Thanks again for providing a simple solution. :smile::+1:

Kind regards,

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No problem Sara! I’m glad to help! Feel free to get in touch in case you need in the future!


@Jeandcc: Can you help with code that will show pagination arrows at the same time? The previous arrow is hidden 'display:none". Any script to make it visible?