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Pagination inside page goes back to top

Hey there,

I might be wrong but i feel like pagination is not working anymore has expected.
This is how it works in designer preview and how i think it used to work

This is how it works on published version (it goes to the top of the page)

Any ideas ?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @zbrah

Spoke with the team about this a bit more. It looks like this is sorta expected behavior based on how Pagination works. When you click next to get to the second “page” the URL changes, so you’re actually navigating to a different page — because of this you’ll load at the top.

That said, this is definitely still an odd experience and this is something I’ve shared with the team to see if we can improve the behavior here.

For now, I’d recommend building a carousel slider without pagination. Happy to share resources on that if needed! :bowing_man:

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Thanks a lot @Brando i ll look for another solution then :slight_smile:

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@zbrah I’ve used this before and it works great:


Thanks a lot @justin_c i ll have a look

EDIT : Worked great, thanks a lot @justin_c for adding this info in the post. Saved me some time ! :slight_smile:
This makes a great combo for cms sliders.

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Hi @Brando, I’m interested in the carousel slider please :slight_smile:

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