Pagination doesn't work

Hi Guys,

I have a problem with pagination. I have a static page Changelog with dynamic list of releases on it.
I want to show for example 3 releases per page. I enabled pagination in the settings of my dynamic list

Then i published site to the test server and tested how it works.
When I press the Next button first time, it loads next releases everything works well. Then I press the Previous button but it loads releases from the 2nd page again. So
I made changes in the url and manually set parameter page=1. It loads correct releases for this conditions, but the Next button doesn’t loads next releases and again loads page=1.

So, in my case, the Previous and the Next buttons loads the same page where we already are.

I recorded video in case if my explanation isn’t clear:))

Help me, please. Maybe I’m doing something wrong

This is my readonly link