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Pagination bug in blog: Next button linking wrongly

After adding pagination to my blog, the “Next” button links correctly but only the first time I click.

1st time link opens correctly /blog?f546bf6c_page=2
2nd time link opens wrongly /blog?f546bf6c_page=3?f546bf6c_page=2
3rd /blog?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=3?f546bf6c_page=2
4th /blog?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=3?f546bf6c_page=2
5th /blog?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=2?f546bf6c_page=3?f546bf6c_page=2

So you see the url keeps accumulating linking errors.
What can I do to prevent this? Do I have to set something to sort this out?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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