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Pagination breaks when using the Wordpress plugin

I’m using the official Webflow plugin for Wordpress. It works great, but for some reason it seems like pagination stops working. Hitting the next-button returns a 404 error. Maybe the plugin doesn’t export these extra pages?

Hey there, thanks for reaching out here with this issue you found.

Could you share a readonly link to your project and a link to the live website and we can take a look.

It looks like the current settings options for mapping WordPress page to a Webflow page might not have an option for paginated pages at the moment (this might change very soon)

A workaround could be to use a slider and add collection list into each slide and then limit which collection items show -

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Hey David,

I have to use pagination since I have 1000+ cms items I want to list. Would probably burn down the internet if I used slides for that ^^

@Fonsume I see, well we don’t want that. I think I should have some good news for you soon hopefully. Stay tuned.

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Hi there @Fonsume,

An update has been made to the Webflow Pages plugin that now adds support for Webflow Pagination.

Please download latest update.

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Hooray! Thanks for the swift help here. My page is working and lookin’ good!

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