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Pagination Breakpoint Issue

Hey Webflow family,

So I’m in the mobile optimization process for a website and I have run into an issue. I have a collection wrapper for the team member section on the homepage. It features four of the top team members which looks great on the desktop version. But when I go to the mobile portrait it only reveals one of the employees.

I’ve found that if I enable pagination it allows the user to click through the team members. But it also does this for the desktop version. Which is unnecessary because it shows the four columns already.

Does anybody have any tips or advice on how to work this out?

Here is my public share link: LINK

I updated my reply as I think putting this in a div block or grid and controlling the responsiveness through the container element would be better than using pagination as demonstrated in the below video. I see the page is looking great now!


Thanks for the reply and multiple solutions. I’ll give this a watch and keep you posted on how it turns out. You are awesome! I am super grateful for your insight. Bless