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Pagespeed Problem

Hello everyone,

i have 2 questions about my websites pagespeedscore:

  1. Is it somehow possible to “blend something out in the code”? So that i can check what impact a specific element has on the pagespeedscore ( for declaration: i want to check out what my fonts do to the score, for example)

  2. Do you maybe have some tips to improve the CLS? We have some Problems with that in our search console, its worse than 0.25…

Its still quite a difficult topic for me, i hope somebody can help :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only:

And the Website:

You can do this in the network panel of devtools on chrome / edge. See the documentation.

Gt Metrix shows which elements contribute to CLS.

Quick tip about code placement (page errors) : jQuery is loaded in the before body close area by Webflow, so scripts that reference it need to be placed at the bottom of the page.