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Pagespeed and typeform


I try to optimize the pagespeed for:

Google page speed (about 63) shows basically a bigger impact from the typeform js. Since this should just load if somebody clicks on the contact button I’m wondering how I could make this load just in case somebody clicks the botton and not on each site load. Any ideas how to achieve this?

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@Patrick_Lehmann you could install Google Tag Manager and only fire the Typeform when someone clicks on the button. So you’d have the code in a Tag Manager HTML Embed Tag and the a button trigger on the tag. At the moment the embed is just set to Hide when you load the page, which means it still loads with the page. With Tag Manager it would run on the click event. Easiest would just be to create a separate page in Webflow though. On that page it would still load with the page. You can check out this how-to for installing Tag Manager. Just did a quick test with a typefrom in Tag manager and it loads just fine but you’ll need to style it a bit.

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@J8kes our site is really nice. There are some pretty cool tutorials that helped me a lot. Thanks for sharing this!

About the Tag manager in combination with the HTML embed of typeform. I tried this and triggered the click of a contact button. The only problem here is that the code is executed at the bottom of the page. Right now I have the typeform code in a pop up.

I’m not sure how I can add the executed code to a specific div in the page. Any ideas?

So you could just style the code itself that you’re sticking in Tag Manager like a floating modal, absolute positioning with a high Z-index so it ‘floats’ over everything, full viewport width, and height.