Pages taking long time to load

I need help understanding what is causing my site to take forever to load - more than a minute. While it’s loading, the menu dropdown does not appear, nor does the slider change from slide one to slide two. It has to fully load the page before those things are working correctly.

It did not used to do this. Could it be something to do with google tags or facebook pixels?

Here is my site Read-Only:

Hi @pminnelli,

it’s hard to pinpoint the exact reason for a page to load slower than expected.
One factor are the images on your site, some of them are 500KB, which is more than usually recommended. You could try to size those down to >200KB and test the loading speed after.

Scripts are also a possible slowdown, try disabling some for testing and if possible, put them as deep down as possible in the loading order.


Thanks for your response @LeWolf. As it turns out, it was a javascript error from an site, which I had added previously for visitor tracking. I removed it and the site loads normally now.

Thanks again.