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Pages or Projects in Webflow + React


I work at SuperTokens, and we use Webflow to create all of the static pages (home, pricing, etc). We are on Lite plan in Accounts plan. There it is mentioned that we have access to 10 projects.

We don’t use webflow hosting. Instead, I design the page in webflow and then export the code. Then we run it through an automating script where the header and footer components are added to the page and we render it through our own domain.

My question is that suppose I have 10 different pages that I need to make for my website and then I create 10 different projects each for each page, then my limit is up for the 11th page. To solve this, I delete one of the previous projects to accommodate the new one page in a new project.

So, the way I use webflow, is the CMS plan in Site Plans more suited to my needs? It says 100 pages. So if I export the code, will I get the images, CSS and JS folders for each page, the same way I get for each project in the Lite plan?

In Lite plan it says you can export your code, is it true for the CMS plan also? How can I solve the problem I’m having?

Should i create pages in each project itself in the Lite plan and while exporting will I get the different folders?

Looking forward to hearing back!

Facts from Understand Webflow Pricing: Sites & Accounts Plans

If you pay for any Account Plan, then your projects are on Enhanced Staging.

Projects on Enhanced Staging each have 100 static pages maximum, and 50 CMS items.

CMS plan is a Site plan, that’s for hosting, mainly. It ups the CMS items max number to 2000, with still 100 static pages.

CMS items don’t count as pages but are represented, ultimately, by a page.

CMS content cannot be exported. Only static pages will export. Downloading CMS content using any other technique goes against the terms of services.

Hope this helps, I didn’t really understand why you’re using so many projects to create so little pages.

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