Pages not Scrolling Smoothly

Hi all,

I’m having issues with scrolling on some of my website pages. On this page, it even gets stuck at the bottom and the user can’t scroll up:

I had parallax page interactions but removed them in the hope the pages would stop jarring on scroll. It also happens on other pages such as this:

I’m not sure if in right section of forum as could be a bug. Any help would be much appreciated.



Here is my site Read-Only:

Did you tried to remove the animation “scroller” from “leftinner3ss”?

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Thanks Matzinger. That fixed the home page issue. Cheers.

The services page still has a few issues.

i think there is a problem at the first slider… because if this slider is half visible cause you scrolled so much down, then it will jump back if the slide changes… I cant tell you why but it only happens at this slider

Thanks Matzinger. I deleted the slider and recreated it and same issue. Also, the fans on various laptops start going crazy on this page when I scroll.

Is there error gone if you delete the first slider?

No. The issue still persists.

Try to temporary delete this slider :wink:

That worked. But I need this slider on the site. Do you know what the specific issue might be?

No not exactly but now you can dig deeper :wink:
If am am home i will try to find whats causing the bug…

Cant find anything :frowning: Did you tried to build the slider completely new?