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Pages Linking To Same Url

Good Morning Guys & Girls,

UPDATED INFO: So the fencing ideas page shows up when you click either the ‘fence ideas’ tab or ‘fencing services’ tab, the page that does not show which should show is the page that has a heading of “Fencing Services Barnet”

UPDATE - This issue only happens on the published site and when i view site on google etc

So today I accidentally realized that at the top of our website there are tabs that when you click takes you to that specific page, but the issue we are having is although the link on the fencing ideas tab is pointing to that particular page it takes you to the fencing ideas page regardless,

Basically as I have done with all the sites I click on the tabs then click on the page I want that link to open and publish, again for some reason it shows the correct the page that it’s linking to but when I publish the site and try it it still takes you to the wrong page

It’s driving me absolutely mad as I cannot work out why it would do this, we have another 6 websites on webflow similar service same layout design and they all work fine,

Any guidance would be much appreciated guys and thank you in advance

Please see images below

Here is my site Read-Only:
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I’m experiencing the same with some buttons (not all). It’s a bug that popped up since early this morning. Hope webflow team get’s on this soon!

How strange, it only happens on the live view of the site online. When i do it from link share or the designer it works fine

Fingers crossed that they are going to find a solution asap