Pages get periodically unlinked when using Wordpress plugin (likely due to WP rocket caching)

Hi guys,

We have a website hosted on Wordpress, and we use the Wordpress plugin to publish pages created in Webflow. However, every few days some of our pages would get “unlinked” and display homepage content instead.

For example: If we set up an “About” page to appear under, it will work for a few days. After that, when we open the page, it’ll show our home page content instead while the URL remains

What we’ve tried: We use WP Rocket for caching, and we found out manually clearing the cache will solve the issue (temporarily) , so we tried excluding certain pages from getting cached, but the issue continues to reoccur.

This likely has nothing to do with Webflow end, but I’m just wondering if anyone has faced similar issues and can share a few tips?

Thanks in advance,