Streaming live at 10am (PST) - brand new website from PAGE Interactive created with webflow

Hi guys,

I want to share with you our latest website. (Polish text) was maded on webflow for about two weeks of designing, setting up layout and much more.
Webflow is a greate web based software. We like it a lot in our agency. The next website for sure we will made in webflow too.

Please let us know about our project and design.


Wow love this!

Excellent photography and design work… Nice use of the webflow widgets too! :clap:

Thanks, we’ve design this apps, and last summer we had produced photo sessions. Please go and check our profile

Beautifully designed site! I love that you’ve incorporated some parralax in there too, very nice.

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Sweet site! Love it!

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Thanks Sergie, Karl :slight_smile:

Great site! But don’t forget about optimizations! It’s 3.9MB big. That’s way too much… Try resizing images and/or compressing them. 12 images are larger than 100KB. 6 of them are over 200KB and 3 of them are more than 350KB. That’s way too much.

Beside that I think site is amazing. Consider sticky menu or some right-panel icon-menu :slight_smile:

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Great job… I as well like what y’all did with the parallax also. Very clean looking site.

Would totally buy this from you as template!!! How much?