Pageload interactions in Safari don't run simultaneously

Hey, guys, I’m running into this problem in the Safari that two interactions, which should be running simultaneously, are weirdly off sync. Interestingly, they are never quite same way off sync in Safari.

same setttings for both interactions:
wait till assets have loaded
move to origin
700ms ease-out-quint

The interaction works perfectly in the preview mode, in chrome, in firefox. You can admire how its supposed to look here:

or just head over to in chrome

Now here is how things looks in Safari.

Yesss… oof.

So the Question is what’s the culprit and how can I fix that? Appreciate any input :heart:

Here is my read-only-link.

Ps. In case you’re wondering: Yes, I’m using legacy interactions, because IX2 doesn’t work too well when you define the initial states via CSS. And if you define the initial states via IX2 it loads first the css, then moves the elements to the new ‘initial postion’ once the jquery loads. Which defies the purpose of the pageload animation o;O

Not an interactions expert, but for what it’s worth - loaded the direct bawlz link in both Chrome and Safari and it looked fine. I am not having the same issue.

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HI @CallMeChris

I’m also not seeing that behavior on this end. Can you try clearing cache and / or try checking this in incognito?

It may also be that the Wait for assets to load option is causing this issue. If clearing cache/incognito doesn’t help here, you may try deselecting this setting?

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Interesting. Worked perfectly in private, now, for me, too. Lol
Not on my iphone, though. Yet!

Gonna investigate some more and get back to you guys tomorrow

Thanks already <3

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Made it work!

Thanks again for taking a look!!

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