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Page width - something has stepped out

Hi - really hoping someone here may be able to spot what’s kicking out the width on our page on desktop view. I have gone over and re gone over the page many times but can’t see what’s stepped out and given us horizontal scroll/wiggle.

any help/pointers much appreciated on this width issue as it’s driving me nuts!

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Could you provide a share link so that i can see what element on your site is causing this?

Here’s how:


Hi yes here it is



There are three issues with the site. The class “Navigation Bar” an the Combo class “Hero Section Centered” have -10 left margins. Remove those settings so they default to 0.

The third problem is that there is a transform on the class “Section”. It scales all section by 1.02. You can remove that setting.

Once those things are changed the site should loose the horizontal scroll bar.

Thanks so much Alex - I wouldn’t have spotted the transform probably ever as the issue. The -10 values I’d added on purpose a while back thinking this might help but clearly not.
Thanks again

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