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Page Width best practices

Hi guys,

I am wondering what others do to keep their content sitting well on all desktop sizes (not mobile).
Currently I either set a div width of 940px centered in a section with 100% height. Meaning on smaller pages, the sides will get cut off slightly. Not a bad thing really. Other times I’ve set a div to 80% and centered in a section (again withg 100% height). This however causes problems on smaller screens sometimes, as it is a percentage.

Does anyone care to share their initial setup to this? :slight_smile:

Hope that made sense.



Hi @Douglas_Fllrtn,

I would be happy to share my (“best” :crazy_face: ) practices for page width with you but it would be easier if you could illustrate your question with a read only link or at least a few screenshots as it will makes things easier to grasp.