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Page url automatically lower case

page url automatically goes to lower case. Would be nice to not do that especially when we are recreating existing site with existing page names that were in upper case. We have to manually edit the page name each time we make an update or change.

Hi @adtastic, another option you can try, for those pages that have different case, is that if it is causing you problems, you can setup a redirect in your Hosting tab of Site Settings, to redirect the old page url with the new page, so that any links to existing site urls will be redirected to the new url.

Here is instruction, how to setup the redirects:

Thanks for the info @cyberdave. I’m very familiar with redirects. My bigger point is the software shouldn’t force lower case in the page naming and give us choice because choice is freedom and lack of choice is constraint. :smile:

Thanks @adtastic, we will see what we can do about this, to allow the mixed case. Thanks for your feedback, usually until we get the changed feature into production, we try to offer you an alternative… thanks for your patience, and we will address this. :smile: Cheers !

Thanks @cyberdave, would be much appreciated as I am getting ready to do another massive website project and having control over page naming case will surely make things a lot easier.

Hi @adtastic, we do have to check this out, so in the mean time, use the redirect feature, we will check this out after the US holiday on Monday to see what’s possible. Thanks !

Is this going to be addressed? It is really a problem converting a clients website over to webflow when they use caps in the page naming scheme especially when there is a lot of pages.

Hi @adtastic, this is probably not going to change for awhile. Once we get some other updates pushed out, we will take another look at this. Sorry that this is causing you some issues. We will analyze this, but cannot give you an exact ETA yet. Cheers, Dave