Page Trigger Interaction Problem

In the following paragraph I am referring to the large section at the top of my webpage with the big image in it.
Please Could somebody explain to me why my section(“header”) and div block (Inside the section) have the same page triggers, and when I try to delete the page trigger on the section, it gets deleted on the div block which is in the section.
Could you explain how to set the section to stay where it is, at the top of the page, so i can use it as a ‘mask’ to use my scroll effect on my image, and let the image move up and dow within the section.

Many thanks,

Here is my site Read-Only:

@MatthewSpiegelhalter Hi Matt!
Correct me if I’m wrong but you want the image to have sort of a parallax effect when you scroll down?


@lucasolsson yes that is correct :slight_smile:

I followed your read only link and did not see triggers applied in interaction. I have been having a parallax issue of my own.
I think that Webflow isn’t letting me apply my interaction to as many elements as I want to. I have a support ticket in.
Try to put a container inside the section, set the trigger on the container, animate the element (image) This should work.

@Steven_Harris thanks for the help, I started messing around with it today and I put a element trigger on the container holding the header and the div block inside it (everything that is white on the image), and it seems to work somehow, i’m not really sure how but you may want to have a look now.
It doesn’t make any sense to me :thinking:

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