Page structure review please

Hi All

I would like some feed back on my home page please. I would like to know if the page structure is ok or if I need to make changes. Also the way I have built the slider and interactions. Have I done it right or should I have done it a different way.

Thank you in advance


Here is my site Read-Only:


Because I’m with a mobile phone - I can not check your read only link, just impressed from your published link. Basically your site looks good and pro. There is one thing I would certainly do differently - The text alignment. I would align it to the Right, I think center alignment should be kept to Titles, Sub titles and big quotes. :slight_smile:

Hi @jasonjkd

Awesome job. Don’t be afraid to space out your sections, they seem a little cramped.

The ‘what we do’ section is a little too wide, might be a good idea to set a max-width.

Keep us updated!