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Page speed hack - want confirmation


I think I may have come up with a page speed hack, but I want confirmation that it is actually working like I think it is.

A little about my site…I’m probably using more fonts than I should be, definitely more images than I should be, and way more interactions than I should be. That said, I wanted to give my site some pizzaz, so I came come up with a hack.

The Hack:

  • Make all sections below hero section “display none” (the eye icon with a slash through it)
  • To all sections that have been set to “display none,” add an interaction that on load (currently using 200 MS), display block while making sure “Wait for assets to load” is checked.

Does this work for anybody else?
If so does this in any way negatively impact seo due to the “display none” aspect?

Thank you and best,


Hi @nathanphilsteele, I am not sure what problem you are trying to fix. If you are trying to avoid the code above the fold, that is a very small factor in the site speed, do you have a link to the publish site?

I am not sure the actions you proposed will buy you any performance benefit, but I would have to look at the published site.

This only delays displaying the site’s content - your user doesn’t see it until all the assets have been loaded.

Your assets total size doesn’t change when using interactions, so page load time will remain the same.

The published site is

All I know is that my site is loading much faster especially the hero section, which is the most important part to be seen from a user experience perspective when first seen.



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