Page sliding from side to side when scrolling

Hi-I’m having an issue where my page slides side to side when I am scrolling. I think this might have to do with my margins/padding, but I’m having trouble pinpointing what is off. It’s only happening with my design portfolio pages. I am working with a template and redefined some widths within the rich text formatting on the style guide, so I think that might have been the basis of the issue. Thanks for the help!

I’m sharing my read only link.

It looks like this is caused by your “Text Muted” element margin that is adding a large negative margin to the right side:

The element I have selected in my screenshot above is using a combo class (with the issue being inherited from the main class) so I’d recommend editing that main class as opposed to updating the combo class itself:

Not sure if that style was necessary where the main class was initially created, but typically you want to avoid large negative margins as they can cause issues (like this) and inconsistencies between browsers.

If that doesn’t fix the issue, you can always access the “X-ray mode” in the Designer to get a better idea of elements that extend beyond their natural bounds by clicking the browser size/zoom box at the top of the page and selecting the corresponding checkbox (or by using the shortcut CMD/CTRL+Shift+X):

Thanks so much! I was able to fix the issue, and that’s great to know for the future.

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