Page Settings - Keyboard Shortcut

Hey all - I am doing a fair amount of adding JS to pages and was wondering if there was a keyboard shortcut to get to page settings. Its a pain to nav to the pages section and click the little gear all the time.

I have looked around and have not found any reference to it.


OMG you are still actually coding JS directly into the pages? :laughing:
That got old fast for me too. It’s not the easiest dev environment to work with.

There is a chrome plugin that used to use for quick access to the custom code area;
I’m not certain if it’s still maintained though-

Yea I know - I really need to move it to a .js file. I did not think it was going to be that much (and it still is not) just slow to save / publish. I have actually moved over to CodePen and work out the code there first - much easier.

It mostly to add more functionality to forms like adding consistent hidden fields, dynamic dropdown from the cms, putting checkboxes into a single field etc… Things that I am amazed is not just supported out of the box.

That’s a great approach, particularly if you are using CodePen pro, and referencing your CodePen code directly from in directly from CodePen’s CDN. That works great for quick and dirty coding, because you can edit in CodePen, save is and then just refresh your Webflow page to see changes.

At some point CodePen’s UI will become too limited as an IDE, but CodePen projects might offer more, or switch to CodeSandbox.

If your projects keep growing from there, there are even better options. Currently I’m doing all of my client dev work in TypeScript from GitHub codespaces. But in the end, the less you need to touch Webflow’s custom code areas, the happier you’ll be.

I am just about done - it is mostly to add instrumentation events for analytics and add additional data when submitting a form. So things that had to be js. I am 100% trying to minimize the JS on the site.