Page Section linking/scrolling issues, plus embedded videos not loading

Hello everyone - I understand that it’s a busy time of year, but here I am again…

Steve Rouse of Customer Support and Community Specialist Michael Wells each replied to my initial message which was very helpful (thanks Steve, thanks Michael), but to my shame there were a few things that I wasn’t particularly clear about, and I was really hoping to have my website live before the end of the year, so:

  1. From within any of the three case study pages (Eat, Shelf, and Sandalen), the ‘contact’ button on the navbar is supposed to scroll down to the ID: ‘contact-title-case’ section at the bottom of the current case study page, but what happens instead is that when the ‘contact’ button is pressed, the site will scroll towards the bottom but stop around the halfway mark (even though there is no designated named section present at this point of the page); the second time it is pressed the site will scroll a little further down, but will again stop before reaching the intended section; the third press of the ‘contact’ button will usually scroll down to the intended ‘contact-title-case’ section. I can’t work out what’s happening here, or why.

  2. The externally linked video files within the Eat page and the Shelf page (via HTML Embed) fail to load around 50% of the time, but will instead appear as an empty frame. There doesn’t seem to be any issue with the link or with the video file itself as when right-clicked to ‘open video in a new tab’, the video will load just fine. Again, I can’t work out what’s happening here, or why.

Any assistance with these issues greatly appreciated.

Best, and Happy Holidays,


Here is my site Read-Only:

Scroll-to-section issue;

The scroll-to-section issue is a common one, so I’ve added this solution into one of my course collections here. Hope you don’t mind I’ve used your site as an example, it demonstrated the issue very well.

I’ll look at the video one later if I have time.
You should probably split that into a separate post since it’s an unrelated issue with an unrelated solution.

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Thanks a lot for the scroll-to-section solution, worked a treat - and you’re quite right, I’ve created a second, separate post for that video issue:

Thanks again, Michael.

Thanks Thomas, very glad it worked. You can mark that answer as the solution on this one so others can find it too.

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