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Page Scrolling Issue

Hey everyone,

On the Home Tab only, the client wants to be able to scroll down the page to see the whole image of the house (there is a portion of the image below the house that you can’t see even if you scroll). If you look at the image I’ve attached, there is a road and grass underneath the house which he wants to be able to scroll to:

Any ideas on how to do this? Help would be greatlyyy appreciated!


Read only link:

Thats because you are seeing the slider image which is the same and it’s set to cover and fixed so it will always stay. Just add an image block into the tab content and set the width to 100% and remove the height on tabs that you set and it should just fill the height as needed.

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@DFink thanks so much! This fixes the scroll issue but now on other tabs like About, the black background doesn’t go all the way to the bottom. How can I fix that?

Honestly I’m not really sure exactly what’s doing it because your site is built with multiple things with set heights everywhere. The Slider is behind the tabs which makes things really complicated. I was able to make the tabs content cover by setting it to 100vh but there are tons of issues with your site that are far too much to try to dig into. If you are new to Webflow, may I suggest going to and familiarizing yourself with some of the components and layout tutorials. Good luck!

@DFink thanks but I’m not new to Webflow lol I’ve been using it for 6 years. I know this site is a nightmare to deal with but do you have any other suggestions?

I’m sorry man. I didn’t mean any disrespect but that site is definitely built in a way that is definitely a nightmare. If it were me, just because I’m a neat freak and I like building everything to web standards, I’d rebuild the whole thing from scratch. I’d build all the navigation into dynamic or static modal popup interactions instead of tabs. That way it just fills the screen and you can click anywhere to remove them. That way the tabs are completely gone. Then do what you wish with the slider.

No disrespect taken! I took it over from someone and have been trying to fix it to the client’s specs…I appreciate your help :slight_smile: