Page scroll links

Hello, Im trying to make my page scroll to a section on the same page, but it doesn’t work all in desktop mode, scrolls a little on tablet view. I want the about section to fill the viewport height. Please help. Thanks

Hi @Daniel_Masukela

I can see where the issue is, here’s what you need to do…

Remove the ID from Nav Link
At the moment you have added an ID in the Settings panel to the Nav Link for ‘About’. Take this out as you need the ID for the Section you want to link to. When you link to section for scroll you need to add unique IDs to each section and the get the nav links to point to these IDs.

Add ID to the About Section
Once you’ve done the above the ID is now free to use on the section you want to scroll to. Go to the About section and add About to the ID field in settings panel.

Make sure you have linked the nav to correct section
Worth double checking you have got the nav link pointing to the correct Section ID.

Let me know how you get on?


@marsh, thank you so much. :+1: Works perfectly.

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