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Page Scroll Animations


I really like the ease of use that the pre-designed page scroll animations allow (fly-in, bounce, flip etc etc) but is it possible to use any of these animations on page load? I can’t see anywhere to do that.

I know I can hand-create the animations myself but when prototyping it is so great to be able to quickly inject an animation such as the ones already pre-loaded into webflow.

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What are you envisioning with this load animations? Is there an example that you can share?


I am envisioning (for example) the lovely ‘fly-in’ animation (that is available as a page scroll pre-set animation) and all it’s derivatives being available to animate an object on page load.

At the moment you have to hand-make all the page load animations, unless I am missing something.

Yeah at the moment you can just add those to the scroll interaction but definitely sounds like a good idea! You can always add those here:

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Sounds like a plan.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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