Page Redirect? Won't direct to the correct page


I am having this weird issue, I have a “Product” page but this keeps redirecting to the “Referral” page. Please advise : )

Screenshot of the “Product” page setting.


I’d imagine you’ve got a redirect setup, but you can view/edit any redirects under the Publishing tab within the Project Settings page :+1:

Thanks for the message. Yes I do but for some reason, it keeps auto redirecting to the read-only link Instead of the page below.

Hey John, I’m not sure what you mean by this part;

But in your original message you asked why products is redirecting to referrals.
You have a redirect setup from /product/referral.

Also your referral page has a script which appears to do further url modification, and maybe further redirects… I haven’t read through it far.

Thanks Micheal! Could be the script then. Will check in with the engineer who wrote this.

Could be, but the issue you originally described is the redirect record itself.