Page randomly not resetting using attributes to filter and sort CMS collection

Cannot understand why my Resource page showing my collection will not consitently reload properly with the attributes. This is what my resource page initial state looks like.

When clicking on the article, video, or eBook it takes you to the collection template page for that item with an option at the top to return back to all the resources. The button is set to link you to the “Resource Page” but sometimes (randomly) when it goes back it appears that the sort and filter attributes are not working (should be sorting by date and filter form block is in success state). The form shows the success message even though I have the submit button deleted and the Finsweet code should disable submission. See screenshot:

I have tried disabling submit and auto reloading using attributes but no success.

Would love help understanding why this keeps happening.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Canopy

Hey! I can’t seem to replicate the issue, clicking on a webinar/article then going back it all appears to work."

Are you still experiencing this issue?

Hi yes still experiencing the issue! You have to try it a couple times because sometimes it works fine and other times it glitches

Thanks for taking a look : )