Page Padding/Fixed Width.....something, help

Hi! I am very very new here–created my account 3 days ago–and am at a bit of a loss. My reason for using webflow is to help me build HTML emails at my job to be later versioned and send to various vendors. I have extremely basic knowledge of html/css, but i feel like this should be easier.

Basically, my boss wants a fully responsive email that will fit in typical web browsers and mobile (which I feel i have successfully done), however…whenever the email is viewed in a browser and is seen above 900px, she wants it to break and for there to be grey bars on either side, like in most newsletter templates (mailchimp and constant contact were the examples used).

I cannot share the site for confidentiality purposes, but please let me know if anyone knows what i’m talking about and could help me out a bit.


Hello @kenzietysl

Webflow is more of a website builder rather than email. The reason for this is that in order to create a responsive email you will need to use html attributes while in Webflow the styles are made through CSS.

If you’re looking to create HTML emails to send it to your list I can recommend No Code Email Design Tool and Landing Page Builder | BEE Pro

I hope this helps.

Thanks for that–i’ll definitely look into that moving forward, but unfortunately, i’ve been thrown into this position at crunch time and don’t really have time to start from scratch right now.

I found a temporary solution that i hope will get me through this campaign.